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In this comprehensive and easy-to-use how to win the lottery guide, it delivers a clear picture of the lottery (lotto) system and how you can predict and win the lottery. There is a systematic flow in lotteries, these methods have been tested on the ACTUAL lottery draw results of U.S and others.


This book exposes similar drawing methods used by most lottery systems around the globe, and some of the countries are listed below. What this book has to say may also apply to other countries that are not mentioned here.  

i)   United States, including Mega Millions and POWERBALL.

ii)      U.K.                iii)      Canada           iv)      France

v)      Germany          vi)      Spain             vii)      HongKong, China  


The book gives you a step-by-step approach in a clear, easy to follow format and strategy. Rather than being all texts, each draw is explained by using summary tables. After going through all three chapters, you will have a clearer notion of how lottery games around the world work. The book is useful whether you are a regular gambler, who enjoy a range of lottery games, or not.

If you are a lottery gambler, it provides guidelines to enhance your winning odds. It will help you to cut down substantially on unlikely numbers, increasing your winning chances in the process. The method explained in chapter 1 is fundamental to the overall analysis. Chapters 2 and 3 are the supporting theories to chapter 1 in terms of numbers prediction.

If you are a non-gambler, consider the information in this book to be extra knowledge, even if you are not interested in betting. Reading about my discovery of the lottery drawing systems around the world will open your mind to something new and you may well take this to be a pastime. Compare it to not needing to be a doctor. You don't need to be one to know how to take care of your own health or to take an interest in learning how to do so.


By : John Zenman

ISBN : 1932047638 / 156 pages / April 2003








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